Order. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. Order is the highest spiritual principle and implies that there is a natural process to everything. For example, a baby takes nine months to be born. In the book of Genesis it says, “in the beginning God created heaven and earth…”.  Not earth and THEN heaven. As far as Kanye is concerned before there was College Dropout, there was Kanye West the producer trying to get Jay-Z to hear his music (see “Last Call” on College Droput for more details). To bring about proper justice in your life the decisions we make MUST follow a particular process. Otherwise, we reap chaos. Sticking to our “Gorgeous” hook for the week, Kid Cudi reminds us that we only have so many chances to get it right. At this point in our community we have no more chances. We have no more room to blow it. We have no more room for individualism and personal gain at the expense of another’s detriment. For that matter, we have no more room for personal gain at the expense of our own personal destruction. Is your personal life in order? How many times have you been given to get it right? The journey ahead requires us to experience personal struggles and disorder. However, at some point those struggles must become our solutions. Otherwise, we will continue to do the same things expecting the same results and that is the definition of insanity.

The DDR: As we step into the second month of 2011, continue to take stock in your personal life and ensure that it is following a natural process towards personal success rather than personal chaos.

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