“What we talkin’ ’bout real ish or we talking about rhymes. You talkin’ bout millions or you talkin bout mine. What we talkin’ bout? Cuz I ain’t got time for what people be talking bout all the time. What we talkin bout fiction or we talkin bout fact. You talkin’ bout fiction? Hold up, pardon my back!…We just seen a dream as predicted by Martin Luther.” Jay-Z “What We Talkin’ ‘Bout”, The Blueprint 3 (2010).


Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

JUSTICE. I’m so damn tired of Donald Trump I could just scream! And I used to like “Tha Donald” and that piece of hair on the top of his head. I watch “Apprentice” AND “Celebrity Apprentice”. I even own Trump University’s Entrepreneurship 101. But he lost all of his cool points the day he went on this media tirade calling President Obama the “worst President ever”, and questioning his American citizenship. It’s one thing to not like someone. Heck it’s plenty of people I can do without.  But do we have to be disagreeable to disagree? Where’s the justice in this “birther bill” BS (bogus stuff) that Arizona State Rep Carl Seel authored, and Trump supported.  Arizona just keeps embarrassing themselves. First they didn’t want to support the King holiday. (Y’all forgot about that huh?) And now these dingbats wanna up the ante on proving one’s citizenship because an African American (who got a white momma) is President of the United States.  Of course Seel says “it’s not about Obama.” He says it’s about “maintaining the integrity of the Constitution”. Puh-leeze! The Constitution was written before African Americans were even considered whole human beings. So what does he mean by “maintaining the integrity of the Constitution.”  It’s all about Obama.  It’s about Dr. King. It’s about the Hispanics living in Arizona that the “natural born Arizonians” want to have work for peanuts rather than gain total citizenship.  It’s about a state that’s STILL stuck on stupid in 2011.  This is why I wrote “The S-Word” last week. Who really cares whether or not the world acknowledges the real reasons for the Civil War when this “birther bill” BS (bogus stuff, I didn’t curse) is verifiable evidence that we STILL got work to do in the race relations department.

So what we talkin’ bout?? Real ish or we talkin’ bout rhymes?

Obama is our President. He was ELECTED!! He didn’t steal his votes. But he’s the worst President of all the 44 we’ve had?! Puh-leeze! What we talkin’ bout? And now Arizona and other states are supporting legislation to prevent “Americans” of color from eligibility to run for office?! What we talkin’ bout? If this law is passed, Obama and other multicultural candidates will have to damn near give up some DNA to prove they are natural born Americans. Wow! Parents should just start saving their kids’ umbilical cords in a freezer somewhere. It just might come in handy 35 years from now if they want to run for office. I thought we were in post-racial America; that the color of one’s skin doesn’t matter in comparison to their character. Well Donald Trump should be ashamed of himself, right along with the government officials supporting this bogus legislation, and the media (CNN) that’s actually wasting airtime having conversations about this man’s birthplace. How do certain people feel they have the right to say whatever they feel – respectful or disrespectful? This is not a free country, but a democratic society. If enough people wanted Donald Trump to sit down somewhere, it could happen. Society has to start demanding what is better for this country. And Donald Trump’s tirades are not better. We can do without them.

The Daily Dose of Realness: So what we talkin’ bout fiction or we talkin’ bout fact? Fact one: Barack Obama is the President of the United States. Respect him damnit! Fact two: He’s an American. Every investigation he’s had since 2008 has proven he is a natural born American, and not a natural born Kenyan. Fact three: I’d have more respect for Mr. Trump if he just admitted he has some racialized tendencies and wants to use them to promote his show.  So Mr. Trump, YOU’RE FIRED!!!

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6 Responses to WHAT WE TALKIN’ ‘BOUT??!

  1. Taylor Williams says:

    This just shows that even in 2011 racism is still alive. People should step outside of themselves and realizes that we are all people. I think it starts with talking about racism, there aren’t enough conversations going on about it in turn people are ignorant to it.

  2. Jeron says:

    The comment made by Donald were sad in my opinion. However, I’m not surprised by any means. I think that republicans actually believe the comments made by Donald and will actually believe whatever “plan” to get OUR President out of office. This is similar to how black celebrities, athletes, and even youth are treated differently than our white counterparts.

  3. Addison DeMoss says:

    I believe when an individual is in a position where they make important decisions, they will always be criticized. Whether they make the best decision or not in the long run, people have different views and ideals and will always be unsatisfied if things aren’t done up to their supposed standards. Donald Trump is a perfect example of this. Whether race is the issue or not, people create controversy to gain attention for their own benefit.

  4. Jeffory Alexander says:

    America has lost it’s mind. The racism is so thick you can cut it with knife. I have lived in the country all of my life and I’m now beginning to see a small glimpse of what my ancestors lived. Being from California I was sheltered but no more. These crackers are stiring the pot and I for one am ready for the squabble.

  5. Baba AK says:

    How about these Hip Hop interventions on Bin Ladin and the “war on terror”?



  6. Drew13 says:

    I must say this is my first look at this site. I am impressed sort of wish I was in the class when speaking about Jay Z ! The real subject of the day is what happen yesterday. Before we knew about the death of Osama it seemed the world was falling in line with each other questioning our President ability to fix what took years to destroy. Government! He is no super hero so let’s not hold him to such but let’s give him support for over coming the odds. Let’s think today he is so loved again? Wow I never stopped loving the man despite what’s said. Sure he defeated Osama but what about the Republican party ? Will they now bow down and let him be who we elected him to be? They should check Donald Trump for trying to dis the man. The real truth is Obama can’t be denied who he is PRESIDENT don’t get it twisted

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