“I’m about to go H.A.M.!
Hard As a Motherf*****
Let these ni**as know who I am.” Kanye West feat. Jay-Z, “HAM,” Miscellaneous (2011)

Ok so I know that this song has little to do with a tornado and more to do with Jay-Z and Kanye letting the haters know that they have no plans on letting up. That they will continue to be the best entertainers, producers, lyricists, and businessmen. Ok, fine…

Another level of commentary came to mind when I saw how Tuscaloosa, AL experienced the wrath of Mother Nature on Wednesday evening shortly around dinner time. Tuscaloosa is my hometown. Although we (my mother, sister, and me) moved to Atlanta when I was nine,  my sister and I were born in the “T Town.” We took our swimming lessons at the University of Alabama. We went to Skyland Elementary School right off of McFarland Blvd, one of the main pathways of the tornado. And we know exactly where that McDonald’s sat that was completely destroyed. My eyes stayed glued to the television, as we contacted all my family that’s still there. Mother Nature missed them. Praise God. My heart and my prayers go out to the families who experienced loss from this natural disaster.

Mother Nature. Now she’s a bad b****. Just when we humans think we have it all under control, she hits us with a warning to ensure we know who is STILL the boss. We humans have the technology to determine the weather a week in advance; we have the equipment to measure when an earthquake might hit and the devices to determine its strength. We even have trained scientists and meteorologists who suggest the outcomes of global warming in the next ten years. We have all of this advanced knowledge, but can do NOTHING when it comes. More than 200 people dead on Wednesday. Huh? More than 160 tornadoes this season. Are they serious? The tornado from Alabama to Georgia stayed on the ground for almost 5 hours!! This may be the longest running tornado in history! Entire houses wiped away…say it ain’t so. Businesses destroyed. How does a community of people come back from this? How does one cope and find resilience when nearly everything is lost? Today on Facebook I saw a person’s status that read, “Holding my Line Sister in prayer, who lost her mother to the Tornado….”. Damn! Mother Nature has spoken…hard as a motherf*****.

The Daily Dose of Realness: Where is the righteousness in wiping out parts of an entire town? Only God can answer that question. When I see the footage of the giant tornado amongst the black sky and hear the heavy breathing of the storm chasers, I’m compelled to think about the story of Noah’s Ark. In the Bible, it is written that Earth’s slate was wiped clean with water and only a few were saved, animals included. Is that happening to us? Is the slate being wiped clean? Hurricane Katrina. Earthquake in Haiti. Japan’s Tsunami. Tornadoes in Alabama, Georgia, and Mississippi. It is terrifying to think about. It is even more terrifying to watch the footage, peep the pictures, and hear the stories. If you have old clothes, food, shelter, money, please find a way to get it to those of us touched by this tragedy.  Have a safe and blessed weekend.

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