[HOOK] “Be careful where you roam cause you might not make it home. {*whispered*} In the junction, in the junction. Don’t you dare ever get lost cause you get caught up in that sauce. {*whispered*} Junction, junction.” OUTKAST, “Spaghetti Junction”, Stankonia, 2000

“Spaghetti Junction”, known as Tom Moreland Interchange in Atlanta, GA, is the intersection of two majors highways – Interstate-85 and Interstate-285 – in DeKalb County just at Atlanta’s perimeter. The name is said to be a nickname for highways that intersect in a way that resembles a plate of spaghetti when seen from a bird’s eye view. On OUTKAST’s Stankonia, Andre 3000 and Big Boi took the nickname, and made it a metaphor to describe how life brings on a variety of intersections. And so not to get lost or caught up in those intersections, we have to be mindful and careful to make decisions that keep us on God’s path (“Be careful where you roam ‘cause you might not make it home”) and out of harm’s way (“Don’t you dare ever get lost ‘cause you get caught up in that sauce”).

The DDR: Oprah Winfrey expressed her version of the Spaghetti Junction lesson during her last show on yesterday.  In her very Oprah-esque stance she challenged viewers to STAND STILL and LISTEN TO THE WHISPERS (Oprah Winfrey).  That is, find your quiet space and hear God’s voice that gives us direction towards our Mission. To not listen to the whispers is to be disobedient, and disobedience brings on chaos. In other words, it brings on congestion in the “Spaghetti Junction” of life.  Godspeed and have a good Thursday.



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  1. Roxanne says:

    Love it!

  2. wilson says:

    go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Gregg says:

    It’s true that I was in my own “Spaghetti Junction” as it were for the last few months to a year. After closing my business, which I had put the better part of 3 years into and all of my money, there was a period of time where I was in “the sauce”. It was uncomfortable given all that I had felt I had lost. On the other hand, It gave me time to think about what I enjoyed about my previous endeavors and how I could refocus my efforts moving forward. I took time to listen to myself and others that I trusted. Through more hard work and utilizing the connections that I had through my business and other past experiences, have been able to set up a great opportunity to go to grad school. So, thats cool.

    • dailydoseofrealness says:


      Thanks for the reply. I’m glad that you recognize when you are at the “Spaghetti Junction.” And God has been really good to you. He’s given you a new direction in life after almost taking it from you, right? He gave you a business then showed you that your gift is in another place, and He brought you out of that too. I think sometimes we roll around in the sauce forgetting that’s where we get the flavor. The flavor is in the messiness of the sauce, and only when we choose to really taste it and embrace it do we get a better sense of the direction we need to take. I speak from experience. Life is just beginning to take shape. And not until I stopped rolling around in the tastelessness of the sauce did I get a true sense of which road to take. It was hard, as everything worth having is, but I have no regrets. I’m glad we met and I hope we stay in touch as we travel down life’s winding roads.


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