“Ready or not, here I come…” Lauryn Hill, “Ready or Not,” Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. 1998

BALANCE. HARMONY. RECIPROCITY. Good Thursday Daily Dosers. Today is the last day in June. The Summer has truly heated up, and now we must see the 30 Days of Lauryn Hill go. So much happened in June, didn’t it? Let’s recap and not forget what Lauryn has taught us.  We learned that well-behaved women rarely make history and the importance of picking up our microphones and standing for something. Through Lauryn’s music we learned about not fearing our abilities but standing tall so that we could be a light to others. We learned about accountability, patient love, the Lebron James Mentality, and the need to respect the B-Code! Let’s not forget about re-evaluating our social network so we can propel our lives forward. Wooo Lauryn’s music has a lot to teach.

The DDR: Let us follow Lauryn’s message and walk with purpose. It is important that we stand up for what we believe in, think positively, and start acting on our business initiatives. With that said, the Daily Dose of Realness has reached its 5 month mark. We are stepping into our 6th month, and to celebrate we are opening up July to every and all things hip hop and hip-pop. There’s no telling what you might see. Anything is game for July. So ready or not, here we come. You can’t hide!!

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