Ain’t nothing like the real thing.” Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell, “Ain’t Nothing Like the Real Thing,” 1968.

BALANCE. HARMONY. RECIPROCITY. Happy Thursday Daily Dosers! Many of you missed yesterday’s DDR, and asked where was it.  I had some technical difficulties, and did not get them resolved until after 10am.  Maybe it was the earthquake.  Seems like everything bad that happened yesterday was blamed on the earthquake from the day before. Speaking of earthquakes… I think they are the Earth’s way of having a temper tantrum.  Earthquakes in DC? Philly? Ohio? Atlanta? Places where quakes are not common can only make one question what is going on.  The earth is literally shaking, and there’s nothing that can be done about it. We have no control, and there are only so many places where we can find safety (i.e. under a table or in a doorway). And the uncertainty one feels during the earth tantrum – especially afterwards when we see the devastation – can be compared to the uncertainty of life.

Life can change at ANY given moment. That’s the real thing. You can gain/lose a loved one, gain/lose a job, or have to move to a different city for various reasons. And with any change we must be able to adjust to however the chips fall. That’s real talk.

The DDR: Sometimes I think we forget that Mother Nature, God, the Universe, is in charge. Whatever you want to call it, every day the sun rises and sets; every three months the seasons change; and every day someone is born and someone dies. But for some reason we rely on technology in ways that STILL can not predict when and where something like an earthquake will hit.  Just like Hurricane Irene.  We can track her, but when she hits she hits.  So what can we do? Roll with it, pray to God, and adjust when the time calls for it.  These travesties are the real thing. And ain’t nothing like the real thing baby.  RIP Nick Ashford.

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