BIG K.R.I.T.: AND REACH 2, 3, 4

“A super(s)hero in the flesh. Even at my worst I’m the best. For the finish I stretch… King City M-Town Hometown Hero.” Big K.R.I.T., “Hometown Hero”. 2011.

RIGHTEOUSNESS. It’s Friday Daily Dosers! And at least for the next three months I will broadcast the DDR from Cambridge, Massachusetts. DBI here I come! Hip Hop Archive here I come! Harvard U here I come! Today is my last Friday “living” in the ATL for right now. (Cue in the “Sigh”).  Anyway, I will most definitely miss my family, my friends, my former students, and the students who showed up for my hip-hop studies class on yesterday only to find out that I wasn’t gonna be there. I’m sorry you weren’t informed that I would be gone for the Fall. I will even miss those who aren’t too fond of me. Last semester, DJ Syfr, a budding DJ and one of my former students, gave me a compilation of new songs.  Of course, I popped it in real quick because I love love new music. The first song that came on was called “Hometown Hero” and it was by Mississippi rapper Big K.R.I.T.  At the time I didn’t know who this Pimp Cish-sounding rapper was.  All I knew is I loved his delivery, and I fell for his use of Adele’s “Hometown Glory” as a sample because it indicated he was a student of the music and the lyrics.Here is the video.

I wasn’t at all mad that he sounded like UGK’s Pimp C.  Big K.R.I.T. was a breath of fresh air.  “Ahhhhh,” I breathed. Like my friend Earl said, “He has an old soul.”

Big KRIT. If you aren’t up on him I think you should try to get your hands on his music.  He’s lyrical, he represents the South, and he considers himself a “Hometown Hero.”  Similarly Dr. Joyce.  If you aren’t up on her I think you should try to get your hands on her DDRs.  She’s headed to the most prestigious university in the world, she represents the South, and she considers herself a hometown shero.  ATL STAND UP!! ALABAMA STAND UP!! (SOUTHERN) HIP-HOP STAND UP!! LOL

The DDR: This week we analyzed the balance between thank you and you’re welcome in our lives, prepared for our upcoming opportunities, and gave in to God’s plan. Now it’s time to stretch out and reach 2, 3, 4! Big KRIT raps “A superhero in the flesh. Even at my worse. I’m the best. For the finish I stretch.” This weekend I want you to REAAAAAACCCHHH! Stretch yourself toward your purpose. The end of summer is near. Back to school, back to work. Onward fellow soldiers!  Shout out to my big sis for doing the damn thing. She know what I’m talkin’ ‘bout! I’m proud of you!! Love.

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3 Responses to BIG K.R.I.T.: AND REACH 2, 3, 4

  1. playa at da house says:

    You will be missed, sincerely, here in the ATL. Very happy for the bright future you face at HAHHVAHD.

    Looking forward to your replay, right back here.

  2. Dr. Wilson,

    Welcome to New England!!!! I look forward to connecting. Just let me know when you have some open time and will be riding right down the Mass Pike to see you.

    I’m happy you touched on Big. K.R.I.T. I’m feeling his music. His new mixtape and the one that dropped a few months back Return of 4eva are great!! I love his wordplay and his story!!!

    Keep the realness coming or in the words of Kanye “The Doctor said I’m the illest because of suffering from realness!!” #DDR

  3. wilson says:

    way to go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i know you are in the air now.
    i could not comment on to today (monday).
    stretch out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and keep God first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    every thing going to be alright.
    love and peace!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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