“My old boy from the Point. But I’m from Southwest. And every now and then I get put to the test. But I can’t be stopped ’cause I gotta come true. Ain’t got no gun. But I got my CREW!!” Goodie Mob, “Soul Food”, Soul Food. 1995.

ORDER. Happy Hump Day! Last week we talked about forming your dream team; having positive people around that will support you. In just two days, this lesson has been confirmed and re-confirmed. Truly our network determines our networth! Yea yea I know it sounds redundant. Surely you’ve heard this before. But it’s true, and I know this now more than ever. I also know that NET-WORTH means NO-THING without what? R-E-C-I-P-R-O-C-I-T-Y!! Let’s say it together: RECIPROCITY. And reciprocity – when understood in relation to ORDER – means YOU GET WHAT YOU GIVE, especially when maintaining relationships. One hand must wash the other. Sounds harsh? Nah. It isn’t. Colleagues do business with colleagues they T-R-U-S-T! This is how we build, nurture, and sustain a team of people that are in positions and places we wish to be in. If we aspire to be world travelers, then we need to have a world traveler on our team. In the same breath, you must look out for that world traveler the same way he/she looks out for you. If you want to own a business, then you must have a business owner on your squad. But when they come calling for you, you gotta be willing to step up the way they stepped-up for you. If you want to pursue a higher education, learn a different language, settle down and be in a relationship, or whatever it is the reciprocity – i.e. the balanced harmony – guides this pursuit for all parties involved.

The DDR: Look at the lead lyric for today. Terrance “T-Mo” Barnett of the Goodie Mob raps “Ain’t got no gun, but I got my crew.” Are you down for your crew? Can they say that you have their back when they need you? Let’s choose to model greatness, and let’s continue to surround ourselves with people that have been where we are going. But more importantly, make sure those that look out for you can also call on you. Your network won’t determine your net worth if the order is one-sided or lop-sided.

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