“This morning I woke up, Feeling brand new and I jumped up, Feeling my highs, and my lows in my soul, and my goals…”. Talib Kweli, “Get By,” Quality. 2002

TRUTH. I spent yesterday grocery shopping, hitting up Target for some toiletries, packing today’s lunch, and watching NFL Sunday.  Unfortunately my home team Falcons lost as did the New England Patriots. Not that I’m a Patriots fan. I only find myself keeping up with them because I’m in New England. They lost too. The saddest NFL moment on yesterday was Michael Vick’s injury.  Last week he was spitting-up blood because he got hit in the head.  Yesterday he breaks his hand!!  And I think he might be out for the season.  Unfortunate. Frustrating. As I listened to NFL on FOX I also heard them talk about Matthew Stafford, the QB for the Detroit Lions, who took his team from a 20-0 deficit at halftime against the Minnesota Vikings to a 26-23 win!  We all know that Detroit has had a troublesome time bouncing back as a city AND as a football team.  But I think we are about to see the tide turn.  And because this young QB set an example of it not-ending-until-the-fat-lady-sings, he was awarded the KEEP GETTING BETTER award by NFL FOX for Week 2.

What can we take from QB Stafford this Monday morning?  One: winners believe that they can win REGARDLESS of how grim things look. Two: to win requires FOCUS. Sometimes you got to zone everything and everyone out in order to literally SEE THE PLAY and EXECUTE THE PLAY.  Three: No one does it alone.  Stafford had to have confidence in his team, and the team had to have confidence in him.  And four: the past is the past.  When the Lions went into the locker room, everything that happened in the first half of the game was HISTORY.  There was nothing they could do about it. When they came back for the second half, the only time that mattered was the next 28-30 minutes. With every play they got better and better.

The DDR: Imagine if we lived our life like this.  Imagine if we focused on winning today rather than whatever hits we took yesterday.  Today begins a new week; a new day.  Pat yourself on your back for the dub-ya’s (wins), let the L’s (losses) be your motivation, focus so that you can quarterback your next strategy, and then make it happen.  Keep getting better!! Have a “so fresh and so clean” Monday. And don’t forget to friend me on Facebook, follow me on Twitter, or click below to share your KEEP GETTING BETTER story.

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  1. Candace Daniels says:

    I love this!! :) I needed this today! Thanks Dr. Wilson!


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