“Now let’s start the show show. Step out of the cold cold. We come from the ‘Go, ‘Go. To the top of the globe globe…” Common, “Start the Show”, Finding Forever, 2008.

JUSTICE. Yesterday I took a break from writing to go catch Moneyball with two of my colleagues. Moneyball is the new Brad Pitt movie where he plays a disgruntled baseball player-turned-risky general manager for the Oakland Athletics and Jonah Hill (the hefty kid in Superbad) plays a Yale graduate who turned his economics training into a number-crunching recruitment model that changed the way teams selected and played players.  It’s a great movie, based on a true story, and has received numerous strong reviews.  I recommend you go see it because it is well-written and well-directed, but more than that it is such an inspirational story about the price of winning…and losing. Get your tissues ready.  It is most definitely a joyful tear-jerker!!

I won’t give the story away, but I will say that Moneyball reinforces yesterday’s Daily Dose KEEP GETTING BETTER.  It reminds us that the person who takes the risk always gets the bloodiest, but they always CHANGE THE GAME for everyone else coming through the same window they jumped out of.  It reminds us that when we believe in something we must hold fast to it even when others try to convince us to give up because it isn’t working. Billy Beale, the character played by Brad Pitt, stayed true to his convictions of what winning meant to him.  So when he hit his stride – that is, when the A’s won 20 games in a row breaking several records – the success instilled a new confidence in him and his team. The last thing this movie reminds us is sometimes we can hit a homerun and not even know it. You know why? Because we can get so used to losing. We can become so paralyzed by our fears that we only run to first base not realizing that the ball went into the stands. I won’t spoil your interest in the film by telling you how it ends. But I will close out with this DDR.

The DDR: Life can be so complicated and convoluted with norms of winning and losing.  I challenge you this morning to think about what it means to win in life.  How do you define it?  Is it by the amount of money you make?  The amount of deals you close?  The number of children you reach? Your connection to your family? Perhaps winning for you is measured by the overall quality of life.  Whatever it is, just make sure you ENJOY THE SHOW!!

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