“My hustle is so Russell.” Diggy, “Hustle Simmons,” First Flight, 2009

ORDER. It’s a good morning Daily Dosers. It’s Z-Joi on the 1’s and 2’s. While DJ is hustling this week to meet an important deadline, I thought I would drop in for a visit once again. Life gets better each day. The seeds that I sowed over the past two years are starting to grow and I am collecting my harvest. It feels ggrrrreeaatt!

Two years ago, a good bit of Gen Y’ers like me started graduate school because we thought it was the next step towards finding a job to support our destiny.  Then the economy collapsed, and we’ve struggled since to land employment – at least employment that is in our fields. Within my first year of graduate school, Diggy, the son of Reverend Run of Run-DMC, dropped “First Flight” where he salutes his rich uncle Russell Simmons with “my hustle is so Russell”. My friends and I stayed on the Russell Simmons grind oftentimes quoting the lyric to remain focused. I did not have a lot of fear two years ago. I trusted the fact that I was in the right place at the right time, even when it did not seem so at times. Now that I am ABSOLUTELY sure I am carrying out the assignment meant for me, I feel fear creeping in and it is sometimes so strong that I am scared to move forward to my next assignment. I am not always scared of failing. I’ve come to realize that I am scared of succeeding. I’m scared that whatever I touch will turn to gold. Whenever I start to feel like this, and it happens every couple of years, I pull out the book, The Measure of Our Success by Marian Wright Edelman. In the book she reminds me of my African heritage, the destiny I have to fulfill, and what to stay true to when I’ve struck gold. The book is my peace when faced with fear and worry.

The DDR: In the book Decoded, Jay-Z tells readers, “We can’t be afraid to fly – or to be fly – which means soaring not just past our fear of failure but also past our fear of success.” Today I ask you to look in the mirror and give fear this last message: “Hello fear! Great to see you today. It sucks that you came by unannounced. It’s cool, but today I don’t have the time or space to entertain you because I am getting better and enjoying my show. So baby bye!”…as they say in Chicago.

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