“Thank God for granting me this moment…” Jay-Z, “Moment of Clarity,” The Black Album, 2003

RIGHTEOUSNESS. Good Morning Daily Dosers. September has come to an end. Wow, how time flies! In the last month, we used mostly lyrics from southern hip hop to explore ourselves, define our mission, and think bigger. By Monday morning we will be back in the studio preparing for our next installment:  30 Days of J. Cole!!! Yes, yes, we are responding to your requests. Thank you for them and you are welcome for the next 30 days:)

J. Cole is the first artist signed to Jay-Z’s Roc Nation label. Many of you may recognize him as the featured artist on Miguel’s song “All I Want Is You.” The North Carolina native is oftentimes referred to as Jay-Z’s protege. He has and continues to endure a process to becoming an artist. From growing up in poverty to graduating magna cum laude from St. John’s University, J. Cole is now reaping the benefits of the seeds he has sown. I am glad we can benefit from those seeds with his hot new music. This weekend, prepare your ears for HipHop2020’s exploration of J. Cole. He has a few videos running on MTV.  Those are the singles.  We want to go there and see if this guy is preserving the legacy or getting caught up in the paradox of gluttony that hip-hop suffers from.  We are also trying a new format for the next 30 days.  You will see some fresh new voices over the course of the month including Zaneta Smith, Joshua Moore, and Brandon Frame.  Along with me, they will provide you with DDRs that will continue to nurture you with insight and encouragement.  If you are interested in writing a DDR please let me know.  We welcome new voices to this community we’ve created.

The DDR: Recently, I read a quote that stated, “we rarely find ourselves where we want to be, but always where we need to be.” Who knows what J. Cole wanted to be when he was a child. All I know is that he planted his seeds at age 15 when he started writing his lyrics. He watered his dreams by staying focused, and now he is watching them grow. J. Cole is where he needs to be. Are you where you need to be? Have you planted your seeds in the right place? Are you watering them or letting them dry up? Let’s water our dreams this weekend and see what happens over the next 30 Days of J. Cole. Peace.

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