“In my freshest Js, I ain’t slept in days… But, see, I got a date with destiny ‘Cause this the summer that our life change Hov asked me, “Is you ready for it?”… Formulated my plan, motivated by dreams… Maybe over your head, I’m ahead of my time… Cole under pressure, what that make? Diamonds.” J Cole, “Return of Simba.” Miscellaneous Album. 2011.

RIGHTEOUSNESS. It’s been such a big week. An exhausting week I should say. A blessed week I will say.  Off the heels of a delightful discussion with Yale students and a trip to New Haven, Connecticut, I high-tailed it back to Cambridge to get ready for my Du Bois Institute colloquium presentation next Wednesday here at Harvard.  Wednesday, The Root posted by story “What Will Be Hip-Hop’s Legacy”;  today the announcement for my presentation next week went out; and I received last week’s Rolling Out that features the Hip Hop Archive, its director Marcyliena Morgan, and me as part of their issue on diversity in higher education. Whew! When it rains it pours I guess.  And I’m so blessed to have people around me who really want to see me be successful. Can I tell you that I feel the pressure coming on in a major way? I hear that little voice inside my head asking “Are you ready? This is what you’ve been prepping for Joyce.”

Follow me through this thought Daily Dosers.  So in the midst of all my preparation I turned on my computer yesterday morning. To my surprise I learned that Gaddafi had been killed. I guess Libya’s uprising has been successful, I thought.  Seeing as I wasn’t too happy with President Obama’s decision this past Spring when it was announced that U.S. troops were being sent to Libya. Here’s the DDR I wrote at that time.  Two season’s later Gaddafi’s death has delivered life to Libya, right?! I hope so because now the real work begins to establish a new government and a united their country. Yes, a door has been opened for Libyans and their allies to build a richly resourced country.

The DDR: I’m no leader of a country. Neither is J Cole.  But the similarity between the verse above, the people of Libya, and myself is that there is a bigger picture that we must seek and press towards.  It’s ok to celebrate success for a moment, but we must keep it moving to the next task. J Cole, in his verse, raps that he does not take his eyes off his goal and he does not get comfortable. Libya can’t get comfortable – even under the pressure that is sure to come after a leader such as Gaddafi is not just in power but is dead now.  I can’t get comfortable.  Not now as the momentum builds. Neither can you.  We must all stay focused, seeing the bigger picture. Whatever that might be. So stay focused on what you are working toward, fighting for, and living for. Get some rest this weekend, and let’s keep one another lifted up in prayer and Good Thoughts. Peace & Love.

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