“The master of this rap sh*t… I never crack I got that chap stick. I practiced till that sh*t made perfect. And served it to the people on a silver platter. Now where’s the ladder. Cause either you gonna whine or you climb; I chose the latter.” J Cole, “Just To Get By,” The Warm Up, 2009.

TRUTH. Well-said J Cole. Did y’all read today’s lead lyric?  How many of y’all got ya chapstick?  How many of you practice til it’s perfect.  I’ve heard all of my life that perfection is an ideal.  Something that you can never totally attain. I’ve come to disagree with that. There is a such thing as PERFECTION.  So ask yourself? Are you a whiner or a climber because perfection is only reserved for the climbers. Sorry to break that to you.

I also gotta break some more news to you to as we continue down our roads toward perfection. Let me tell you through example.  This time last year I was so confused about what God was doing in my life.  I had left the man I thought I was going to marry. I was living with my mom because I had a tenant in my home. Money was tight like gnat booty. I was applying for jobs left and right; any and every fellowship I could get my hands on; and other opportunities in the school system that I really didn’t want.  I could literally feel the weight of the world on me.  I felt like Tupac: All Eyez on Me. And the haters? Whew they were in full-swing watching from the sideline, smiling in my face, and laughing behind my back. I knew it. I was meeting with mentors like “What tha hell is goin’ on? Please tell me you’ve gone through something similar.” My good friends know this. They also know how frustrated I was because I was getting “No thank you” and “You’re so smart but…” every other day – literally.  When I got the denial letter from an opportunity I thought I had in the bag, I sat in my car outside my home for an hour and literally cried my eyes out. You know the type of crying where you have to catch ya breath? The type of crying that clogs your sinuses and causes a headache? Yeah. That was me.  I was ready to give up and do something different. I began to talk to God like he was my homeboy.  I needed to speak to him in the only way I could at that time.  He listened. A mentor who called in the midst of my angst must’ve saved my life. He said “Well Joycelyn you can do something else, but what will it be? You’re built for this.”  I could’ve thrown my Mac out tha window on that day. Zaneta and Ahmad kept the DDR going while I accepted my fate, and got my mind back in the right place. If you have been following since February, you may remember me mentioning this before. A week later I got the acceptance letter from Harvard.  This week – October 26th – I get to stand in the historic Thompson Room and deliver a lecture on my work on southern hip-hop. Southern hip-hop? Yes, Word! This is perfection. Like butter. God is GOOD.

The DDR: What’s my point?  In order to reach perfection we must make room for it.  Shit happens, but life goes on. Some situations that we endure will be harder to accept and move on than others. But eventually we have to get over it and move on to the next situation. Life keeps moving and we have to keep up. The quicker we learn how to accept things, the easier our life will become and the quicker blessings will flow. ACCEPT and ADJUST and SOAR!! Have a blessed Monday. (In my Swizz Beatz voice: “On to the next, on on to the next one. Freeze! Somebody bring me back some money please lol)

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  1. Wayne says:

    All I have to say Dr. Joyce is “Elevators”, that DDR resonates with me every day

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