“I’m slowly roastin’, heatin’ up, so you know we toastin’. F’ those wit’ no emotion, fade away like Kobe postin’. Out in Sweden, like ain’t sh** that you can tell us. Lord, forgive me, as a kid, I used to look at n****s jealous. ‘Cause uh, they had them Js, and my mama wouldn’t cop ‘em. Can you blame her? Hundred dollars for them bitches wann’t a option. Now we livin’ much better, n***a, pay whatever. Rock them bitches once then forgot about ‘em forever. My kicks like my chick, I don’t need to know the numbers. You just need to know I’m comin’, I’ll kill you n****s this summer.” J. Cole “Fitted Cap” featuring Rick Ross, Wale, and Meek Mills. Self Made Vol 1. 2011

ORDER. It’s tha J’s my dude! It’s tha J’s lol!!

Good morning, Daily Dosers.  Once again, It’s Joshua and it’s another Wednesday in October, and this time I’m fresh off a plane to LAX rocking my high top Jordan Retros III with a red and grey RVCA fitted cap that matches my bright red USC LAW shirt.  I’m fresh from Atlanta, where I witnessed my first alumni homecoming. Shout out to Morehouse.  Today’s lyric comes from the Self Made Vol. 1 album from the Maybach Music Group.  J. Cole says in the song that he’s slowly roastin’, he’s heatin’ up, so you know they toastin’.  Can I get a glass please? I’m slowly roasting, I’m heating up. By 24, I’ll be a practicing lawyer, trying to right social injustices through trial advocacy.   I’m coming, in other words.  Criminal prosecutors look out.

In this song, J. Cole talks about his envy of the boys on the schoolyard, who would rock the Jordans, and get the girls.  But now realizing what the Lord had waiting for him, trips to Sweden and more girls than he could ever want he apologizes to God for being sinful of envy.  Jordans, since their release in 1985, have come to embody the strong-willed and almost rebellious nature of the hip-hop youth culture.  They have become almost like a status symbol of hip-hop culture almost equivalent to the women’s Louboutins.  I like how J. Cole was able to take his negative envy and use it as a positive energy to guide his career trajectory. He was trying to impress the girls in his school with the new Jordan’s, but his mother couldn’t afford the $150 price tag for the shoes. Now, not only does he wear Jordan’s, but now, he only wears a pair once, and then forgets about them forever.  (How gluttonous J Cole. A bit much maybe?)


DDR:  Turn your negative envy into positive energy. Let the things you envy be your fuel to succeed. Right now, you may be at point where you are slowly roasting, or maybe even heating up, but now is the time to take a toast. Today you have to proclaim to the world that you are on your way. They need to know that you are coming for that top spot, that dream job, or whatever else you are trying to attain. You need to know that what God has planned for you, is only for you, so as T.D. Jakes would say, you better get ready, get ready, get ready.

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