“No way to escape the storm.” J Cole, “The Storm,” Unreleased track, 2011.

RIGHTEOUSNESS. Mother Nature is playing no games. Yesterday morning I woke up to images of Thailand’s floods. There were reports of residents evacuating by bus, train, truck, and boat. Waters rising and almost 400 people dead caused me to take a seat on the couch and take in the devastation. We opened this week with Turkey’s earthquake disaster and we are closing with floods in Thailand. What is going on? Sometimes I can’t help but think that God wants to press reset on the world; to wipe out all of the injustice and corruption and start over. I guess that would be the easy solution to the situation at hand.

Images of Turkey and Thailand immediately made me reminisce on the devastation in New Orleans and Haiti. Suffering seems to be all around.

The DDR: If you are in Atlanta this weekend, perhaps you will attend the “Watch the Throne” concert.  Have fun.  Just remember to keep your eyes on the main Throne, and what He’s up to. Smile and breathe this weekend. See you Monday morning. Peace.

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