“Know we be arguing, but ain’t you riding with me? We breaking up, we making up like Dwayne Wayne and Whitley…This love is real sticky…” J. Cole, “Best Friend,” Friday Night Lights, 2010.

JUSTICE. What the ham went wrong with Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian? SMH! It’s Zaneta today trippin’ on how the $10 million wedding is O-V-E-R. What a waste of time and money?  When I saw Kim Kardashian trending on Yahoo yesterday morning, I was genuinely surprised to hear that she was getting a divorce. Maybe I shouldn’t have been.  It seemed doom from the very beginning.  He wasn’t really fitting into the KKK (Kim Kardashian Klan), we never saw his family, they always seemed to just give each other a peck of a kiss, and he was always crackin’ on her.  They just didn’t seem like they were in love.  Two months in? Shouldn’t they be all over each other?  Yea I thought so too. Plus they focused more on the wedding ceremony than the actual relationship. Kris and Kim are a Hollywood couple, but they are also an example of what NOT to do.

Relationships take time!  There are no short-cuts – even when it’s “love at first sight”. Commit to the PROCESS of a relationship, get to know the person, and seriously evaluate the situation before making any lifelong commitments. A divorce in less than 100 days screams that there may have been trouble in the water before the ceremony. Or, that a situation occurred and one of the two decided to throw in the towel…with the quickness.

The DDR: Hmmm maybe there is a lesson in this. “Not so quick” was a message I received last week. Sometimes in life you have to stand still and process what is going on. Kim and Kris’ lives are VERY public and the media made it seem like their relationship moved very fast. It did. Did they stop to process the value in their commitment, or were the cameras moving too fast? Let’s take a moment now and evaluate our own relationships–romantic, business, platonic. What value are you bringing?  God bless you.

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