“Please pardon all the curses. Shit gotta come out some way. When you growing up worthless.” Jay-Z & Kanye West, “Who Gon Stop Me,” Watch the Throne, 2011.

RIGHTEOUSNESS. As the lyric suggests above, I want to ask for you to pardon my curses this morning because my usual Friday DDR is typically filled with encouragement.  Today, however, I am pissed to the highest of pissivity (if that’s a word)!!  I have such a deep sadness in my heart after watching the remarks of Tom Corbett, the Governor of Pennsylvania. As many of you know, Joe Paterno aka “JoePa” was fired from his post as the Penn State head coach after 46 seasons.  Along with JoePa, the axe came down on Penn State President Graham Spanier, and Jerry Sandusky, the man who had been sodomizing, raping, molesting, and sexually assaulting boys as early as 8 years-old – most of which are rumored to be “little black boys” – that he was supposed to be “mentoring”. Mike McQuery, the assistant who ran not to the police but to his father after witnessing Sandusky in the shower in 1998 with one of the boys has been asked to stay off the field this Saturday in the Nittany Lions game against the Nebraska Cornhuskers. I’m sure the Board of Trustees are sharpening the blade on the axe that will chop him down in the next few days.  At least I hope they are.

Here are the reasons for my utter disgust.  First of all, more people know about this near 20-year long tragedy than Paterno and an assistant coach!  I am a Georgia Bulldog. SEC! And if I know nothing else I know that coaches, players, alumni, the wives, the groupies that hang around, and whoever else are all part of a community.  Communities look out for one another.  They keep secrets hidden as long as they can because once something like sexual abuse bubbles to the surface it will ultimately have severe consequences in donor participation, alumni participation, and forever taint the overall reputation of the organization.  But it took damn near two decades for this little dark secret to come out. Why? Because little black boys are disposable.  Second reason I’m going hard this morning?  Governor Corbett,  as eloquently as he could, told the mostly white Penn State college community to take back their dignity by getting their asses off the street protesting the firing of a man who protected another man that abused “little black boys” he was supposed to be “mentoring” in a program called the Second Mile Program.  So these college students took to the street to raise hell about this. Why? Because little black boys are good for two things: getting banged in the shower and running a football down the field. Thank God for Kyle Harris, the Penn State student who has organized a candlelight vigil for the young boys victimized by this tragedy. The third reason I’m hurt is because this incident reminds me of the knot I felt in my stomach when Eddie Long’s secret of pimping young “at-risk” boys broke in the news.  Here is this man, who is supposed to be a man of the cloth, presenting himself as a father figure to “little black boys” – just as Sandusky did – only so that he can assault their manhood to fulfill his own personal and disgusting desires and fantasies.  And you know what? The people around him knew it was happening all along.  In fact, the New Birth congregation relished in their ignorance and stupidity until they could no longer deny the fact that Bishop Eddie Long, like JoePa, Sandusky, and McQuery, believe in the pit of their hearts that LITTLE BLACK BOYS ARE DISPOSABLE. Here is the timeline of what is probably the most tragic event of 2011 next to the execution of Troy Davis.

The DDR: Michael Wilbon, the co-host of ESPN’s Pardon The Interruption, talked about the philanthropic legacy of Paterno. Who cares about the number of games Joe Paterno has won! Who cares about the libraries he’s funded!  He went to bed at night knowing that his right-hand man was raping young men who look just like YOU Mike!! It is time for us to redefine what it means to be a community.  It is time that we take a special interest in protecting our young men and women from the leaches who claim concern for their well-being, but whose real motives rest in their own selfish and devilish desires.  I don’t feel sorry for Joe Paterno. His legacy means nothing to me.   As far as I’m concerned, he is the football coach who sat back and let “little black boys” get raped just like Eddie Long is the preacher man who sat back and did virtually the same thing. That is, suck the dignity out of young black men who couldn’t fight for themselves. Peace.

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  1. jimmy c says:

    Nice article man. I was wondering if the kids raped were white or black. I am a white man, but almost sure the kidd he raped were black before I even knew. I think he targeted these kids because they were poor, young, and BLACK. I think he is a racist as well as a piece of shit child rapist. A lot of times I myself think black people play the race card for events that people should not. But in this HORRIBLE event I believe Sanduski thought it wasn’t a big deal because the victims are poor black children. When a lot of people say Joe paterno would have acted differently if they were his kids, I think the reason he didn’t is because they ARE BLACK NOT WHITE. Please let more people about this factor. I thinly sanduski should be charged with a hate crime as well as joepa n everyone else involved . Thank you for listening . I hope the kids affected can somehow get some closure. I also hope Sanduski should be executed. By the way I live in new Orleans, so go SEC and go tigers.

  2. Stephanie says:

    I must say that I have been taking a hiatus from social media for the month of November. However, because I subscribe to your blog, you are sometimes the only source of news that I get for the day. I learned of Heavy D’s passing and the firing of Joe Paterno through your blog. I do want to comment on the footage and controversy surrounding these allegations of child abuse. What disturbed me the most was the image of a white student standing up and facing the statue of Joe Paterno and then embracing it in a long hug after the news of his dismissal hit campus. These students are just plain uninformed and misguided. They are in love with a icon, but they need to realize that he is not iconic, but a human capable of grave error. As a former teacher, we were reminded each year that if a child tells you something, you over hear something, ANYTHING, that is physical, sexual, or verbal in nature, you are required BY LAW to inform the authorities. Joe Paterno did tell the authorities as he was obligated to do, but we do not know how that story was communicated and there was absolutely no follow through concerning it. So, instead what Joe Paterno did for the next TEN YEARS was to ignore and forget what he told and attempt to push the pain of what he knew away, absolving his own guilt in the process. We must not forget the privilege that comes in being a national D1 football school and that this was probably not the only scandal that they brushed under the rug. They protect “black boys” so that they can make the school money, but they also don’t protect them when it can cause the school’s program to be tarnished. Which evil do you want?

  3. gil rodriguez says:

    had these kids been white, it would have been reported a long time ago, period. how did they not think that this was going to come out and when it did, it was going to destroy their program. i have never ever been a penn state fan. i never believed in their prestine image. i just didn’t believe that they were that clean, immaculate if you will, so i am not surprised that the dirt is starting to rise at penn state university. they have been dirty for a long long time and everyone knows it. the gall and audacity for any student, professor, or administration to protest is unexpicably ridiculous! did they not hear joepa himself, and i quote, ” i feel for the kids and their families, i should have done more” that statement in itself, should serve as proof, the joepa knew all along that he had a sexual predator on his staff! why would he have to feel sorry for anyone if nothing happened to the kids? the length of time that this was kept a secret for the sake of not embarrassing the university is sickening! IF ANOTHER MINORITY KID ACCEPTS A SCHOLARSHIP OFFER FROM THESE RACIST PRICKS, I AM GOING TO SCREAM!!!! i attended an HBCU in texas. i did so because i never bought into the hype that “their” school were better and i could receive a better education at “their” universities! i am old enough to remember the uproar that was caused when minority kids began applying to “their” schools! hell that’s why i never wanted to go there! when i was recruiting for my job in corporate america, i remember going to an SEC school and speaking specifically to some athletes and asking them what they were majoring in: almost all of the black student athletes had the same @##$## major! i couldn’t believe it! i asked them, when you came to the university did you come with aspirations to get a degree in kiniseology? their responses were that thats what the coaches and counselors told them to major in and all of their classes had been scheduled by the same folk! i was pissed to the highest of pisstivity! they were in a sense, raping these kids as well! not literally, but definitely, figureativly!!!!
    so to the administration at “in the Penn” State university, when they get through sentencing your dirty asses, enjoy your stay in GENERAL POPULATION! i really hope you get to spend time in prison with a bunch of cats from West Philly! go ahead and explain to them how much you like black kids!

    one love,

  4. jodee says:

    Its funny how a white man figured they were black call me ignorant, but I had no idea what color they were. I just found out this morning that they were black boys. My heart aches terribly even more now because now I know why No One Cared…

  5. tina says:

    This is reprehensible and words cannot express the disgust and shame – this story brought tears to my eyes – Paterno and Sanduski – “you reap what you sow”… are you going to prison?

  6. nina says:

    Send those devils to the prisons . They will get their due.

  7. Carlos in DC says:

    Hi, I’d like to share your story but I would not do it if you quote the couple of evil men who portray as singers. Those two have done a lot of damage to the youth of the world with their satanical messages.

    • Batts says:

      Wow! Are u referring to Kanye/JayZ? That is exactly the point of this article. PROTECT THE KIdS!!! If you are letting the messages and images of a PoP Star/Tv Judge/Maury Show penetrate your child s thinking/(raise ‘em) then you need to be checked out. Something is wrong, We All as Parents need to Protect our Kids point blank period.

  8. Nancy L says:

    The media are still hiding the race of these boys. Thanks for writing this piece.

  9. gloria says:

    We meaning everyone as a people needs to realise that people have lost they way ,they dont even know what it is to say good morning ,good evening have a nice day .I watch people in the grocery line with a full cart watch a person stand behind them with one or two items and they dont have the common courtesy to say go ahead of me ,i see people block up an intersection in order not to let a person out ,or see a person coming to an exist indicator is flashing yet they refuse to let you over ,they would rather you have an accident or pass your exit .If the simple common courtesy in our everyday life do not exist .How do we expect people to care about something that do not concern them .People are so busy looking out for no 1 they could careless about anyone .This is a sick sad world we live in these people that allowed this to happen really needs to get their heart and head check because no real human being on the earth should be able to see something like this and not jump into action ,scream push him ,get the kid out off there ,the people that knew about this all need to see a physcologist .I had a dog years ago and if someone even look at me or my husband in a way he scence was not nice ,he jumped right into battel mode ,so how is it that humans dont have that same sence sick .I knew if i saw this or knew about it i would be dead because i would stop at nothing to get help .

  10. Erica says:

    The culture of idolatry that engulfs this nation would turn to rock if they recognized that their celebrities are not excused from decency because they are talented, famous, wealthy etc. And as disgusted as I am with the culture at Penn St., I am reminded that R. Kelly damn near got a pass for his willingness to urinate on a female youth. Being fast, female and black is no more a call-to-action for the desires of perverts than being young, black, male and fatherless. It is a pity and shame that the culture of Penn St seems incredibly reminiscent to the Catholic Church. It is more shameful that they so willingly excused Sandusky because they had no human connection to those little ones.

  11. Batts says:

    “It is time for us to redefine what it means to be a community. It is time that we take a special interest in protecting our young men and women from the leaches who claim concern for their well-being, but whose real motives rest in their own selfish and devilish desires.”

    This statement is dead-on. Systematically rid our community of all forms of “rape” i.e. political, financial, spiritual… But this sh!t is def sick, and the worst part is the video of Penn State students protesting on Paterno’s behalf. I mean this is a school of higher education and these dummies are willing to overlook a rape cover-up for him to keep his job. Even more wtf, you cant see him. Just wanna know he is sitting in the booth on game day. This story is still happening to this day all across the world, these “Mentoring/Leadership” programs, that target our future need to be stopped. Peace . Keep up the good work

  12. ROSA HALL says:


  13. Natasha Silvuette says:

    Amen! Well said…

  14. Melissa says:

    How do you know the kids where white? Ther were two mothers that spoke out about there sons being victims and they were white. I mean it’s detestable what happened to those boys regardless of their color.

  15. Eclecticsoul says:

    I guess I’m the last to know. Has the race of the children been revealed?



  18. Mitch says:

    As a man who works with troubled youth I do find what has happened here a disgrace to those in the world that dedicate there lives to helping at risk youth. I am not sure how I stumbled upon this article but I did. What I do not agree with is how everyone assumes that Joe Paterno knew what was going on. Why do you think the Pa legislation is now changing in regard to how these things are reported, because they knew that there system was flawed. The very steps a state employee must take to report such acts inhibits things getting done in a timely manner (this includes teachers). No one has any reason not to believe Joe Paterno. He has said what was reported to him was not the same things that had come out in the news. Details of the situation were not given to him. He did in fact report exactly what was told to him by his assistant. His assistant is the one to blame. What man in his right mind is going to witness such an act and stand by and do nothing. He was a 28 year old 6’3 235 pound former football player. I know myself and I can say the police would had to have been called for sure and that would be to investigate what I would have done to Sandusky. The reason I do not think we should solely hold Joe Paterno accountable is because he is a man who has helped not only his institution, but also given many young men a second chance at life by simply giving them a chance. Joe Paterno is a man who held his players to the highest of standards while helping them not only become better players but better men. I speak highly of him because one of the most influential men in my life was very good friends with Joe Paterno and I had the pleasure of meeting him and spending time with him in my younger years. I was also one of those troubled youth who someone took the time to spend with me while holding me accountable and helping me work hard to some day succeed in life. No one knows all the facts of what is going on and immediately wants to make assumptions about what he should have done, but not one of us knows what was done or said. In hindsight I am sure we can all say we could have done more or handled the situation differently, but looking back and talking about it doesn’t change anything and doesn’t make someone a bad person. No one in this world can claim perfection or say he/she has done everything correctly, but what we can do is have faith that a man of his Stature did take what was said to him seriously and report what was told to him. This is not Jopas fault. It is the administrations fault. It is the systems fault. What many do not know is Joe Paterno spent many years helping those in need especially youth. He was a mentor and a great man. I speak highly of him from my own personal experience and through the experience of my own coach. I respect my own coach more than anything because he is also a man of integrity and a man who goes beyond his duty to not only help his players, but help any struggling kid that just needs someone in there life to get through it. The media has put their spin on all of this which makes it worse for everyone. In my opinion is his legacy ruined, no not to the people who were in his life, and not to the players who would have otherwise ended up as the victim or perpetrator if it were not for him. It’s easy for everyone to scape goat someone else so it may take the focus off them. Why does the board of trustees still maintain their positions, why have they not been fired. They are as guilty as Paterno is. You will also know that Paterno did report the story that was given to him and did distance himself from Sandusky because and investigation was going on. I also speak from the stand point of being a victim at a younger age as well. I am not just spewing BS. This angers me because the people who should have accountability for the situation have none, and a good man who helps all those around him is taking more of the blame than the sick SOB who committed the acts. Also something like this went on for 20 years…. Something is not right in this situation. I also do not think race should be brought into it. A victim deserves help no matter what. Why would you even write “Little Black Boys are disposable”. That in itself is not write. I know you were trying to make a point, but have a little class while doing so. As someone who works in the field of Juvenile Justice I do not see race ever, and the people I work with don’t. You have a job and that is to help those who are brought to you no matter what (gender, race, origin, whatever). Above all these were young boys who will bare the scars of these events for the rest of their lives. Why don’t people write something meaningful and in support for them rather than pointing fingers and using it for their own political points. Leave all the other BS out of it.

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