“Tears on the mausoleum floor. Blood stains the coliseum doors. Lies on the lips of a priest. Thanksgiving disguised as a feast.” Jay-Z & Kanye West, “No Church in the Wild,” Watch the Throne, 2011.

JUSTICE. My my my, this Penn State scandal unravels at the seam as each day passes.  Now the Pennsylvania court is in on this.  TALK ABOUT LINKEDIN.  Yesterday’s breaking news covered Judge Leslie Dutchcot, the judge who freed Jerry Sandusky on $100,000 bail against prosecutor’s wishes, as once upon a volunteer with his charity– Second Mile. So everyone is just in bed together, hiding secrets and protecting each other.

I was also surprised to read that the CEO of Second Mile, Jack Raykovitz, has resigned. Guess it was too much heat in the kitchen. Or maybe he was in bed with the whole issue as well. And Raykovitz is a licensed psychologist! If anyone should know about the trauma of such an incident, it would be Raykovitz, right?  You ever been around someone with stinky feet?  Pungent, huh?  With each and every detail, this incident gets more and more stinky just like a bad case of feet fungus.  And check this out?  The Board stated that it was in the best interests of the charity for Raykovitz to resign. I wonder what he knows. Why are people playing with the details of what happened?!  To protect Sandusky? His donors? Penn State? The Trustee? The judges? I don’t get it. Why are we protecting child abusers?

The DDR: I’m a school social worker, and can only imagine the emotional load therapists will have to carry to help these victims get their lives back on track. Where is the compassion for the safety and future of our children? Can you imagine the number of futures this one man’s sickness has affected? Why are they lying? Just be honest because eventually the truth will come up. What goes around, comes around.

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