“Only spot a few blacks the higher I go. What’s up to Will! Shoutout to O. That ain’t enough. We gon need a million more.” Jay-Z and Kanye West “Murder to Excellence”, Watch the Throne. 2011.

ORDER.  Whew! What a week it’s been? Dr. Joyce went HAM last Friday, and made a few frenemies with her most scathing DDR since we launched.  Click here to check it out. Then she doubled back and addressed those who think we don’t have enough information to try Sandusky in the court of public opinion. Part 2 here. And yesterday, Zaneta put a fork in it for the time being as we learned Judge Leslie Dutchcot, granted the former Penn State assistant coach an unsecured bail of $100,000, which means he doesn’t have to come up with the full amount unless he decides not to show up to court.  Wow! Talk about a SNEAK ATTACK. The SPIRITUAL ATTACK of this case on us here at the DDR is exhausting – especially given the interview Sandusky gave to Bob Costas Monday night.  So with all that said, we gon’ liven it back up this morning with some positivity for your soul.

Last Wednesday, I had the distinct honor and pleasure of speaking to the gentlemen of the African-American Male Initiative (AAMI) at St. Louis Community College. It was a wonderful experience addressing males that ranged in age from 18 to 65. My presentation covered topics such as political awareness, spirituality, personal branding, economic empowerment and other important topics that Black males of all ages need to be thinking about everyday. Why? Well, most of the time I am the only African-American male in many of the meetings I attend. I’m not the only one. Sure, many other Black men and women can relate to THE EXPERIENCE OF THE ONLY. “Domino domino”, Jay-Z raps. Surely I too only see a few blacks the higher I go. The successes of Will Smith, Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Henry Louis Gates, Jr and the host of other successful blacks who aren’t celebrities should definitely be applauded.  However, as Hov’s last line says, “That ain’t enough. We gon’ need a million mo’.”

The DDR: These are the thoughts that guided my conversation at the African-American Male Initiative meeting.  We need a million mo’ doctors, social entrepreneurs, teachers, directors, media moguls, professors, mo’, mo’, mo’!!! I need for everyone who reads this to go out and find an individual to mentor. Head down to the school in your community and offer your services. Mentorship is the most immediate, practical, and effective tool that we have in the Black community to tremendously improve our conditions.  Tell someone today that they are the architect of their life!! Tell them they are limitless, magnificent, and brilliant. Remind them that the only thing that will limit them is the capacity of their imagination!!! Why you ask? BECAUSE WE NEED A MILLION MORE!!

Brandon Frame,

edited by dj

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