“I got the whole city, they about to go off…Five-four, three-two, we need fuel, lift off!” Jay-Z & Kanye West, “Lift Off,” Watch the Throne, 2011.

BALANCE. HARMONY. RECIPROCITY. Damn! It’s December awlready!!!  Can you believe it Daily Dosers?  Think about it for a minute. What were you doing this time last year? Where you in a good place?  Are you in a better place now?  Or are you still doing the same things expecting different results. The year 2011 is behind us and it is time to move forward to a new YOU. Let’s break out that winter coat, put on our gloves, pull down our scullies and prepare ourselves for 2012 because it is about to go down. We have been preparing you this year with these daily doses. We have tried our best to fill you up with truth, justice, order, balance, harmony, righteousness, and reciprocity. This is because when 2012 starts to give you everything you ask for and more, you will be ready. But we not only want you to be ready but prepared with the ability to humbly accept what the universe has in store.

Surely, this year has been filled with ups and downs in my life. It is a fact that the mini- vacation I just spent in Atlanta has exposed truths that I did not expect. I am a different person than I was a year ago. Although I am not perfect, I am more aligned with my purpose. This is because I have taken the tools taught to me and applied them to my life. Good or bad.

The DDR: In the words of Mufasa (the Great King of the Pride Lands), “IT IS TIME.” Time to press forward. Time to walk into the new you. Time to start living your new year’s resolutions instead of writing them down and never touching them. It’s gonna take us about a month to get into the routine of a new resolution.  So let’s start now!  I know what mine are!  Do you?

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