“Pious pious cause God loves pious? Socrates asks, “Whose bias do y’all seek?” PREACH.” Jay-Z and Kanye West, “No Church in the Wild”, Watch the Throne, 2011.

TRUTH. Good morning Daily Dosers.  What a weekend it’s been? Twenty days until Christmas, and it will be an awkward one I’m sure for at least Eddie Long and Herman Cain. The latest is that Eddie Long’s wife, Vanessa Long, filed for divorce from the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church preacher then reconsidered her decision “upon prayerful reflection”, and withdrew her petition to divorce the bishop.  She then changed her mind hours later and said that she would proceed with the divorce. Hmmm.  I don’t know for sure, but something something something something just ain’t right (in my Keith Sweat beggin’ voice).  I later heard that Bishop Long decided to take some time off from his church to handle family issues.  That sounds similar to Herman “Big Daddy” Cain who came off the campaign trail to do some damage control at home after all the blond-haired women came out the woodwork saying Cain either harrassed them sexually or had sexual relations with them.  Some were lying, yes.  But not Ginger White.  I believe her.

Too bad Bishop Long didn’t realize he needed to fall back and handle home long time ago. Sounds like Vanessa has her bags packed.

Question: Why is it that men wait until the very last minute to do damage control in relationship?  Here are these two very prominent men with obviously two very committed wives who have had to swallow loads of embarrassment in order to stand by their man. Sounds like it’s too late for Eddie.  Let’s hope Gloria is more forgiving for Herman’s infidelities.

I’m in this space right now where I’m trying to understand relationships better.  I’m trying to understand men and the choices they make, and I’m trying to understand the choices I make as a woman.  And it seems if someone has your back – through thick and thin – they should not be made a fool of, publicly humiliated, or led on in anyway, right? Or should Gloria Cain – after 43 years of marriage – leave?  The Word says adulterous acts are grounds for throwin’ up the deuces!!   Love is so hard to come by these days for those of us who are young and old.  So why do we put up these superficial barriers to block it from blossoming? Why do we risk stepping outside of the relationship to see if the grass is greener when it isn’t? The grass was rotten for Eddie for sure, and now, after a 13-year affair has gone public Herman Cain has to figure out how to piece his marriage back together.  I think about Maria Shriver, who put her honor on the line for The Terminator, and he terminated the marriage with a illegitimate child from his housekeeper.

The DDR: If you love someone, love them enough to not make a fool out of them.  If you wanna love someone, don’t put up superficial guards that can prevent the relationship from going to the next level.  Ultimately, someone will get hurt.  Most of the time it’s both parties. Today, take the time to SHOW SOME LOVE to the one you love.  Let them know how special they are to you.  If you hurt someone, APOLOGIZE for it.  It will make you feel better.  Peace.

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