“Me and the RZA connect… See, I just want ‘im to have an easy life, not like Yeezy life. Just want ‘im to be someone people like. Don’t want ‘im to be hated, all the time judged. Don’t be like your daddy that would never budge.” Jay-Z and Kanye West, “New Day”, Watch The Throne, 2011.

BALANCE. HARMONY. RECIPROCITY. It’s Thursday. For the last few days a video has been circulating of a 2 year-old kid named Khaliyl from the U.K. Young Khaliyl has a mean flow for a two-year old.  When I saw this video my first reaction was “Wow. Check out how he has the technique down pat.”  Then I began to listen to him, and how he is taking his two-year old vocabulary and making it rhyme.  He knows when to come in, he knows when to pause, his head nods are on point, and the men around him are encouraging him to keep going.

The DDR: This video represents a new day and a new generation.  It embodies the spirit of rap and hip-hop, and it is confirmation that it will be around for some time.  Let’s make sure that kids like young Khaliyl know the history of rap and hip-hop.  Let’s make sure they know that it is just as important to have a nice flow, as well as something productive to say.  Enjoy.

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