“Beat the odds. Beat the Feds. It wouldn’t be wise to bet against the kid.” Jay-Z and Kanye West, “Who Gon Stop Me”, Watch The Throne, 2011.

RIGHTEOUSNESS. Interesting is not a good description of the week I just had. Captivating might be a better adjective. Mind-blowing, with a dash of humor, might fit into the pot. Perhaps even altruistic is a way for me to color in the lines of such a picturesque week. Let me explain.

I “broke-up” with someone who I care for dearly, but I didn’t know I was in a relationship with. A relationship with him wouldn’t have been something I was against, but I thought we were just friends moving towards friends with benefits. The crux of our disagreement wasn’t revealed until I learned that we “broke-up” twice. I had no idea I was someone’s “girlfriend”. Maybe my actions would’ve been different if I’d known. The color I used to shade in this part of the picture is blue. Communication is so important.

Then my mentor and colleague informed me that my resident fellowship at the Hiphop Archive was extended. What a blessing from God. The color I used to shade in this part of my week was yellow.

And yesterday, I booked my flight to come home to Atlanta. For a month or so I will get the opportunity to see my mother and sister, hang out with my friends, work at Sip, my favorite cafe, and hopefully close some deals that have lingered. The color I used to shade in this part of my week is green. Yellow and blue make green.

The DDR: The best part of this week has been knowing that God has my back. He is always working things out for the best. Even when I think He isn’t, He always manages to be like “Let me WOW Miss Joyce with my superpowers.” I love that. I absolutely do. I came across this list of ten things to stop caring about, and one was “Stop caring about the imaginary state of perfect.” My “relationship” that I didn’t know I was in wasn’t perfect, but it will work itself out. My residency is not perfect, but it too will work itself out. And home, well it’s not perfect either. But that too will work itself out. Perfection is found in the imperfections. It’s knowing that God is for you. So who can be against you? That’s all we need. Nothing else matters.

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