“I guess I got my swagger back…”. Jay-Z and Kanye West, “Otis”, Watch The Throne, 2011.

“No DDR today?” This is the question sent to me via text by a frequent follower of the 30 Days series. “I was tired”, was my immediate response.  Then I thought about what could possibly have me so fatigued.  Hmmm… Well let’s see. The weekend was full of ups and downs. I’m preparing and packing to come home to Atlanta for five weeks, and I’m thinking about the range of possibilities, opportunities, and experiences this holiday visit will bring. Saturday I rested my body until the late afternoon. But my mind was full throttle in strategy mode plottin’ and plannin’ my next sneak attack. I had a headache by the time my mind decided to rest. Sunday was by far the hallmark blessing of the weekend. I spoke to a group of teens who participated in a day long leadership conference organized by the Athena Program at Harvard. The Athena Program strives to empower young women in the Boston and Cambridge areas to inspire community, leadership, and activism around gender issues.

The title of my presentation was “The 7 Hip Hop Lessons of Life”. Inspired by the Daily Dose, each student went home with a list of seven things they can do right now to change the course of their life. They were: LESSON 1: SEEK YOUR KINGDOM; LESSON 2: You Stand on the Shoulders So Never Drink Your Own Kool-Aid; LESSON 3: WATCH YOUR THRONE, INVEST IN YOURSELF; LESSON 4: DON’T BE THE LITTLE (WO)MAN IN THE BOAT; LESSON 5: STAY DOWN WITH YOUR CREW; LESSON 6: SAY THANK YOU AND YOU’RE WELCOME; and LESSON 7: BE CAREFUL WITH WORDS.

The DDR: I rapped a lil bit of Nicki Minaj and Goodie Mob to get their attention. I did. They rapped along with me.  The teens – both male and female – left there much different than when they arrived. And so did I. My fatigue had me caught up. I needed to hear these lessons again to be reminded of what God is doing in my life. Seeing the innocence of those teens brought me out of a rut of exhaustion that I bet you go through too every now and then. That’s ok. Just make sure you don’t stay there. There’s no joy in the rut! Watch Your Throne.  Have a happy Tuesday.

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